Based in Brooklyn NY, RuPaw's Drag Race is Instagram's Premier Cat Drag Queen account starring Laila the Cat modeling handmade #copycat couture & wigs using the fabulous queens of RuPaul's Drag Race fur her inspurr-ation! 

A little more about Laila Kitty:

Laila, now 18 years old was a homeless kitty girl in the woods of Maine in 2003. At 6 months, she was rescued by the Bangor Humane Society and shortly after that, was adopted by her (now biological) mother, Lynzie!

Laila loves to be brushed, showered with affection and dressing in drags! When the ring light goes on, she comes running out - meow! that's what we call a purr-fessional 😹

Thank mew so much to all of Laila's amazing followers over the last 6 years! We love mew kittens!

Lynzie & Laila the Cat!